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I remain forever in awe of how transforming spaces transforms the lives within those spaces! 

Just think of this as an investment toward making your home an elevated, relaxed, comfortable compliment to your current lifestyle that will pay untold dividends to your quality of life. It's a reflection of how you've evolved - who and where you are right now and moving forward into your future.


My brand of Design Consulting offers a blend between a design service and education that builds your confidence and elevates your life. It also bridges the gap between total DIY and hiring an interior design firm that generally requires big projects with big budgets to match. As your Design Consultant, it allows me to help guide your creative projects in a way that keeps you in control and in sync with your life and budget.


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Optimal Living Design is breaking into new territory - so I get that you may not have a clue, or just sort of a clue. Let's start by saying it's not a formula, and as a creative service, mine focuses on the process of developing, growing, and evolving as a person. So logically, and from a holistic direction, it's crucial that our living spaces reflect that process alongside us.


So welcome to our little niche. I'm really happy you're here and pumped to let you in on how we do this thing - based on a philosophy I've created & coined as Optimal Living.

Hiring an interior designer can be intimidating, but with my style of consulting, it's time to chill. The timeline and decision making are in your hands. And with all the beautiful brainstorming fun we'll have, you can de-stress while I'll focus on giving you direction and generating design solutions that align with your resources and budget. 

I've also helped my clients get out of the rut of gathering all sorts of decor ideas from all over the internet and beyond, yet never knowing what the 'bleep' to do with it or where to even start. My focus is to put direction to those ideas and get your living spaces feeling and functioning the way you want them to be feeling and functioning.

Then me and my Studio translate it all into a design and action plan

that moves your projects from dream mode into motion. 



Design Consultation

I can't wait to chat with you! Share your ideas & especially where you feel 'stuck' right now. Let's get you outta overwhelm and give you a mini-plan!

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And please do Contact me so we can meet!

But hey, why should you choose me?

I'm sincerely happy to help you any way I can! But why me? And how can I really help you?


I can list my liberal arts degree background in art and architecture, interior design academy credentials, and real estate license. But honestly, it's all my practical knowledge and experience that's gotten the job done for me at the end of the day. 


I've had the privilege of creating beautiful spaces for beautiful lives in various places around the world -

and admittedly I'm a sucker for a fixer upper.


On a purely personal note, I've tackled projects from renovating a Florida beach house hit by the eye of a hurricane to building a dream home from the ground up to kicking the skunk out of the farmhouse I'm still fixing up now.

I literally can't count how many times I've moved and set up 'home' 


from a tiny Dallas studio apartment to a farmhouse in New Hampshire to a million dollar (clinging to the side of a) mountain home in Vail and you name it in between. 


Oddly enough, that even includes a yacht.


I'm renovating (in some instances a few times over) my Maine Historical Farmhouse - along with a seven room guest cottage (plus chicken coop turned playhouse!) - on a lakeside farm that offers an onslaught of challenges and creative solutions. Can you say no closets? And of course, questions like what do I save? What do I rip out? How do I respect the heritage but still make it work for the modern world? With that comes my quest for the salvage search.

So if that's your guilty pleasure too, well you've found a partner in design crime!


I'm all about cleverly mixing modern with vintage in a cool casual look.

I also have four kids (starting with twins) that required changes for every chapter of their growing up years - and it's not over yet. It's included homeschooling then later formal schooling  & college combo, along with horses, random pets, and multiple moves with each house substantially different from the next. As a "Later in Life Solo-Mum" off an almost two decades marriage, I know that edition too. So I've been around several proverbial blocks - both literally and figuratively.

I've had loads of practice when it comes to transforming spaces that work well and look great in a variety of convoluted configurations to accommodate ever-evolving lifestyles.


But I'm head over heels for the challenge and I'm passionate about the process. I can't wait to roll up our sleeves and dig into your design project now! 


Let's make some dust fly and create the ideal space to support your ideal lifestyle

in a way you never want to leave home! 

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