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Your Overwhelm Cure. Remember your stay in a luxurious hotel or villa in some beautiful location? Remember how you felt? Elevated, tingly, relaxed, more alive than you've felt in months. Or even years.

So were you just as excited to come home? Or not so much. Our homes should reflect and inspire us, but over time they can become, not only a source of stress, but distress.


Dream home not feeling so dreamy?

Or Still Stuck In the Past?​

 As much as we yearn to have that giddy get-away feel to our own homes, it's nigh on impossible to keep our living spaces feeling that way. So we give up. Life goes on. And on.

You and your family do change, grow, and evolve, but what about your home? The rooms, the closets, the furniture, the clutter, the stuff? Are those areas growing and evolving with you as well? Many times, no they’re not.

Too often, our day-to-day living spaces stay stuck in the past. Stuck under last year’s unfinished projects. Stuck with Johnny’s or Jenna’s (or your Ex’s?) boxes that never got moved. Stuck under clutter and bills and all that stuff that seems impossible to throw away but never gets looked at again. Just shifted from one pile to another.

All our livable spaces can become stuck in a mode of not being optimally livable anymore.

Which ultimately leaves you there, too.


Shut down.



Mmmm, if you’re honest? Maybe even a bit depressed.

Stuck with your stuff. Stuck in the stuff of your past.

And definitely not optimally living that tingly, elevated, ‘vacay villa’ life you’d love to be living in your home.

And yep, even your darlin’ dream home can fall short of the mark in staying perpetually ‘dreamy’ on a daily basis.

So how do you fix this thing? I feel ya, I hear ya, been there, helped others just like you that were there. It’s why I created this biz. We’re all in need of a rescue from time to time – especially when we’re suffocating under our own life’s stuff, projects, re-do’s, wanna-do’s, honey-do’s, please-do’s!

With Design Consulting, I hold your hand and we dig down to the root of all the overwhelm. We launch into a beautiful brainstorm, then outline a straightforward plan to help you take control of your home – which means taking control of your life – again. Together we create your optimal ideal strategy to get you ‘unstuck’ and into action for the stage & chapter you’re in today. Not yesterday. Not last year. Not a decade ago.

Family Time
Mother and a Child
Modern Fireplace
Decorating Easter Eggs
Preparing Jams
Food Photographer
Girl with Horse
Woman Working at Home
Event Planner
Wooden sink


We flesh out and develop the design concept that’s required to get you (and your loved ones) loving everything about your life spaces & places. We edit out what you don’t need. Time to Crush Overwhelm.


Create the Punch Lists.

Sources Lists.

Room Plans.

Design Boards.

Options Lists.

Wish Lists.


We'll get ruthless about who you really are and what you truly need in order to feel fantastic in the place you wake up and go to sleep in every day. And yes, that's for sure permission to pamper!


But many times it doesn’t mean adding to. It means scaling back. Editing. Removing. Regrouping. Whatever IT is, becomes part of your Optimal Living Plan.

So no, it’s not about the latest fad, or design trend, or what Sue & Bill did to their kitchen last month. Or the latest & greatest highlight on HGTV. Doesn’t matter if my ‘look’ is your ‘look’ or her ‘look’ is your ‘look’ or their ‘look’ – none of that sh*t matters. If it inspired you, great. Let’s jot it down. But it needs to truly speak to you, the Optimal Elevated You that you are today, right now, and moving forward.

It’s my mission to get you back to that energized, pampered ‘get-away’ feel you deserve to have in your home, your office, your studio, your garden – any of the livable spaces you occupy daily. Dream House or otherwise!

It's all about getting to you - the real you, the evolving you - and those you love sharing that space. In other words, I unearth the essence of what makes your heart happy and your soul sing.

Then I elevate it to a level you're sometimes not able to access on your own, but definitely appreciate when you're reveling in it. My goal is to make that elegant, elusive sweet spot your new normal!

Ya ready? Let’s do this thing – I can’t wait!



This is a great place to start + Plus serves as an Essential Foundation for all Future Projects!



This is my Optimal Living Flagship Program: Combining Consulting with Design in elevating your spaces to support your visionary lifestyle!

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