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Are You Ready For A Change?

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Are you ready for a change, big or small, for your living spaces but don't know where to start?

Or what to tackle first?

Has your life situation changed but your home environment hasn't kept up?

Are you stuck when it comes to the decor in your livable spaces -

whether it's your home, office, or garden?

Would you love a more elevated or luxurious feel to your spaces but don't know how best to achieve it?

Do you need a nudge - direction, clarity, and an overall plan - to get you going?

Would you be thrilled (and relieved!) if someone helped you flesh out the best ideas for your home + lifestyle, narrowed down your choices, and handed over the visual design plans + resources to purchase when you're ready? You set the pace.

Do you want to be a large part of the design process and decision making?

Do you want to be sure that what you're spending on is the best fit for your needs for the life stage you're in now and moving forward?

Do you want to feel relaxed with someone that you can brainstorm with and bounce your ideas off of without any pressures or judgement?

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If you're nodding 'yes' to any of those questions, then Optimal Living Design is definitely for you...

Hiring an interior designer can be intimidating, but with my style of Design Consulting, it's time to chill. The timeline and decision making are in your hands. And with all the beautiful brainstorming fun we'll have, you can de-stress while I'll focus on giving you direction and generating design solutions that align with your current lifestyle, resources (including things you already have), and budget. 

I've also helped my clients get out of the rut of gathering all sorts of decor ideas from all over the internet and beyond, yet never knowing what the 'bleep' to do with it or where to even start. My focus is to put direction to those ideas and get your living spaces feeling and functioning the way you want them to be feeling and functioning.

Then me and my Studio translate it all into a design and action plan that moves your projects from dream mode into motion. 



1. Direction:  Guidance on all aspects of your project from prioritizing, mood boards, space layouts, furniture choices, room-to-room flow, build-ins, fabrics, paint, paper, and more. Plus creative suggestions for those awkward or under-utilized spaces like entry ways, mud/laundry rooms, back entrances, hallways, under staircases, and others.

2. Styling Tips:  Time to flesh out your unique style (yes, you do have one!) then incorporate it in practical ways from bookshelves, art for your walls, the best window treatments for your rooms, unifying your spaces, to displays for gallery walls. I'll teach you how to edit for a bit more sophistication or create cozy vignettes that beg you to curl up with a good book.

3. Shopping Advice:  No doubt it's option overwhelm out there. Plus what's available to the trade adds even more to those options. I’ll provide a guide on my stash of favorite sources to land the perfect couch, a rug (or layered rugs) to pull a space together, sumptuous linens and accessories, what colors or patterns to put on the walls (or not to use!), the best lighting choices, and more.

4. An Action Plan:  Present a step-by-step prioritized punch list based on our strategy session(s) with to-do lists, visual boards, projects, and standard to custom resources for you to reference and check off as your time and budget allow.

5. Follow Up:  Depending on your Consulting Package, I personally will be following up with you in a variety of ways after you receive your action plan. My studio team will also be there to support you on your beautiful decor journey.



I remain forever in awe of how transforming spaces transforms the lives within those spaces! 

Just think of this as an investment toward making your home an elevated, relaxed, comfortable compliment to your current lifestyle that will pay untold dividends to your quality of life.

It's a reflection of how you've evolved - who and where you are right now

And moving forward into your future.

My brand of Design Consulting offers a blend between a design service and education that builds your confidence and elevates your life. It also bridges the gap between total DIY and hiring an interior design firm that generally requires big projects with big budgets to match. As your Consultant, it allows me to help guide your creative projects in a way that keeps you in control and in sync with your life schedule and budget.

Optimal Living is a relatively new concept breaking into new territory. Let's start by saying it's not a formula, and as a creative service, mine focuses on the process of developing, growing, and evolving as a person. So logically, and from a holistic direction, it's crucial that our living spaces reflect that process alongside us.

I absolutely love the privilege of working with clients like you! 


Depending on your scope and budget, we can put a package together to meet your needs.
And please check out Farm Toast Studio's two most popular Featured Packages below.



Design Package encompasses all aspects of your room with what you already own and specific tips + resources on how to blend any new pieces/accessories + any design additions into your fresh new look. Includes:

  • Client Style Survey + Strategy Call

  • Room Evaluation via video

  • Design Board + Floor Plan

  • 3D Layout + Sketch Notes

  • Product/Paint Suggestions

  • To Do List + Action Plan

  • Email follow-up to track your progress

  • Can begin foundation for broader design projects

  • More Info Here

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Design Package encompasses an inventory to uncover the root of the overwhelm and dilemmas then we outline the design plan to help you take control of your home – which means taking control of your life – again. Together we create your optimal ideal strategy to get you ‘unstuck’ and into action for the stage you’re in today. Leave with direction and clarity for your optimal environment. Pinpoint and develop your personal style with the best design plan suited to your visionary lifestyle. This unique Flagship Program Includes:

  • Foundational Step for Larger Design Projects

  • Freshen Up Package

  • Living Luxe Guide

  • Space Evaluation of your home via video

  • 8 Weekly (60 minute) Consulting Sessions

  • Design Modules + punch lists tailored specifically to your needs

  • Unlimited Client email access (8 weeks)

  • More Info Here

The beauty of Optimal Living Design is that there are literally an endless array of creative ways we can work together.

Let's discover what those are and not waste another minute. I can't wait to get your project into action!

More questions?

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